Lil Yachty Links Up With Rap Snacks To Roll Out His Very Own Cheetos-Inspired Flavors

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Lil Yachty is slowly carving out his own empire. With a Nautica collaboration and Sprite commercial already under his belt, the 19-year-old rapper has just announced a new partnership with Rap Snacks.

The Romeo Miller-owned snack company (yes, Lil Romeo) has already worked with the likes of Fetty Wap, Migos, Lil Boosie and Romeo himself on a variety of packages. Those affiliations followed faces like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Master P and Meek Mill. Just a few weeks ago Fabolous got his own flavor (New York Deli Cheddar). Migos’s “Dab of Ranch” remains the most popular. Now comes Yachty.

Announced Tuesday, the partnership features two flavors of chips named “Lil Yachty’s Crunchy Curls” that seem to be takes on Cheetos. Both purport to be “oowee, flaming hot” while one offers a lime zest in addition to the hot chili pepper. While the release date has yet to be announced, Lil Boat indicates that they are “coming soon.”

This could really only be a start for Yachty. Not long ago he Instagrammed a photo of a cereal box called “Lil Boats” from Denmark. While the name was similar to the name of his debut mixtape, maybe this is another project he has in the pipeline? Only time will tell.

Would you buy Lil Yachty’s food?