Lil Yachty And Migos Have Been Accused Of Ripping Off The Beat For ‘Peek A Boo’

One of the standout tracks from Lil Yachty’s debut album Teenage Emotions is a collaboration with Migos titled “Peek A Boo.” According to TMZ however, the beat to that song may not have been an original. Rapper Memphis Ash has emerged to accuse Yachty of jacking the beat to his song “Pikachu” to create his own hit single.

At the heart of his charge against Yachty is Ash’s use of the phrase, “peek a boo,” that he weaves in multiple times through his own song to rhyme with “pikachu.” Memphis Ash’ lawyer, Ben McLane reportedly gave Yachty and his people 10 days to give them what they feel are the necessary royalties to make the dispute go away, but that the deadline has already passed. Sources connected to Memphis have told TMZ that his next step will be trying to get “Peek A Boo” taken off from Spotify, iTunes and other online outlets completely.

For his part, Yachty’s manager Coach K claims that the entire charge is frivolous as the two songs bear no resemblance to each other. You can listen to Memphis Ash’s track “Pikachu” as well as Lil Yachty’s “Peek A Boo” and compare them both to see if there’s a case to be made.