Lin-Manuel Miranda Dances Nude In The Street With James Corden For ‘Crosswalk Theatre’

Hip-Hop Editor

Lin-Manuel Miranda may be the biggest name in musical theatre right now, but it appears no one is too big to get naked and perform “Let The Sunshine In” from Hair in the middle of a busy intersection.

Miranda has already shown himself to be pretty game for all sorts of shenanigans and revelations. He appeared on SNLto call Donald Trump a “piece of sh*t,” he revealed on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast that he was bullied in high school by fellow rapper Immortal Technique, and he’s knocked out a series of amazing performances, including a fun one with The Rock in honor of their film Moana, but this is a whole different type of revealing.

Blame James Corden, host of The Late Late Show for putting Lin-Manuel in this particular predicament with his silly sketch, “Crosswalk Theatre.” The premise is simple: Corden plays the megalomaniacal director of a theatre troupe that exclusively performs in crosswalks at intersections during red lights. The troupe elects to perform selections from 1960s political statement piece, Hair. Things start out pretty tame with “Aquarius,” but quickly escalate into the madcap, possibly traumatizing, bare-all performance of “Let The Sunshine In” that has both Miranda and Corden prancing the intersection in their skivvies.

It’s full of theatre in-jokes, but even if you were never a drama geek, this will still probably split at least one of your sides. Check it out above.

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