Immortal Technique Feels Remorse For Bullying Lin-Manuel Miranda

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It’s really easy not to be noticed while you’re being crammed into a school trash can, but when you mention the practice as a Broadway megastar, it’s the sort of thing people make a fuss about. No, Angela Lansbury has not been shoved into a garbage bin this weekend. We’re talking about Lin-Manuel Miranda recalling being bullied by Immortal Technique while chatting on WTF with Marc Maron.

The Hamilton mastermind may have noted that he and his former classmate have patched things up, but that hasn’t stopped fans for both parties from bumping heads a bit. Things even reached the saucy petition stage with a petition calling for Manuel to be retrashed by the rapper. Immortal Technique has called for that petition to be stopped and he submitted a letter to Complex to comment on the matter and clarify what he considers to be a twisted narrative.

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