Lin-Manuel Miranda Was Weird Al’s Surprise Duet Partner For ‘Yoda’ At His Radio City Concert

Audience members at “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s Radio City Music Hall concert on Saturday night were treated to a special guest of presidential proportions. During his performance of “Yoda,” Yankovic held his mic out toward the audience and invited attendees to join him in singing the tune. Then the parodist turned the mic around and said “Okay, now just Lin-Manuel!” Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator and star of Broadway sensation Hamilton, then ran onstage, standing arm’s length from Yankovic to deliver the brief remainder of the chorus. YouTube user hellspawn3000 captured the short, worlds-colliding duet, which you can watch above. (Miranda’s entrance is at the 2:35 mark.)

Miranda, as it turns out, is an avid Weird Al fan, as has been for some time. He tweeted an anecdote about seeing the performer live in high school, he and his friends convinced their enthusiastic cheering was responsible for Yankovic’s encore choice that evening. “We truly believed our screams made “Yoda” happen. It was, at that point, the best moment of my life. Today was a VERY close second,” he posted on his official account.

Yankovic tweeted another photo that evening with Miranda backstage, but this one included several other noteworthy people in attendance. SNL alumni Tina Fey and Taran Killam were there, as well as comedian Michael Ian Black and Weekend Update writer Alex Baze. It turns out the iconic musician has an impressive celebrity following.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)