Lionlimb Announce Their New Album ‘Tape Recorder’ With The Evocative Single ‘Maria’

When Lionlimb’s Stewart Bronaugh was growing up, one of his friends fell into a coma for two weeks, during which time he and his classmates recorded tapes of themselves singing so they could be played at his bedside. Bronaugh credits this experience for him using recording music “as a means of connecting, healing, and having hope.” So, when he came back from the band’s European tour in the fall of 2016, he wrote “Tape Recorder,” inspired by that memory, and came up with five other tracks for a new album of the same name.

Tape Recorder comes out on February 23rd on Bayonet, and today, the band has shared the intimately orchestral single, “Maria.”

Bronaugh explains the track:

“‘Maria’ addresses Maria Goretti, one of the youngest saints to be canonized. Beyond that, it’s about feeling a part of something bigger than yourself. It could be a connection you have to someone you’ll never meet. Or, appreciating what another person is going through even if you’ll never fully understand it. We all have certain experiences in common, more or less, and music is a universal tool that reflects that. You don’t need any prior skills or knowledge in order to engage with it.”

Check out the Tape Recorder cover art and tracklist below, and watch the video for “Maria” above.

1. “Clover”
2. “Maria”
3. “Star Mangled”
4. “Swallow’s Song”
5. “Tape Recorder”
6. “Velvet”