Buddy And Khalid Are ‘Trippin’ Off Of Life In Their New Collaboration

Compton rapper Buddy is back with a new track –- this time bringing along fellow buzzing artist Khalid for “Trippin,” an introspective track in which the 24-year-old delves into a range of topics at the fore of his mind. Anchored by Khalid’s angsty chorus, with revelations like “living got me tripping out,” Buddy jumps into a double-time flow where he lights one up and explores his inner-laments over urgent production. “Brain dead, mind gone, warp speed / Flying thought time zones/roll a blunt about a mile long/can a young n–a get a shine on?” he ponders. It seems like Buddy, who recently released a music video for his “Trouble On Central” track, is set to do just that.

He’s still prepping his long-awaited RCA Records debut, which has been in the work for over a year. His everyman aura is a stark contrast to many of his grisled Compton predecessors, but with a strong debut and more songs in the vein of his current catalog, he’ll represent the West Coast in his own way. “Trippin” and “Trouble On Central” bear a notable contrast to his energetic “Black” track, which highlights his ability to switch up his style and present a variety of energies to a variety of fans. They’ll all be waiting on his debut project.

Harlan & Alondra is due July 20 via Cool Lil Company and RCA.