Listen To A Dark, Twisted (And Shout) Beatles/Kanye West Mashup, ‘Southside My Dear’

No mashup project will ever compare to Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, so it’s especially dangerous to mix together the Beatles with another rapper. But that’s what Mr. Troublesome is doing with his What’s a Black Beatle project, an album that combines the Fab Four with Yeezus (the title is a reference to a line from “Gorgeous”).

”I always felt like Kanye would fit so much with The Beatles. Kanye’s musical deformation to pop music has made him be not just a rapper. He forgets about genres. Kanye has no styles. And the level of composition in rap music never been so elevated since Kanye came around. (Via)

Hear a sample of the album, which comes out during the summer, below.

That was “Southside” and “Martha My Dear.” Here’s “Stay Up” and “Lovely Rita.”

(Via CoS)