Premiere: Boston’s Littlefoot Perfects The Dream-Pop Formula On ‘Honeymoon’

After an inordinate amount of time spent on the road crafting their signature sound, Boston’s Littlefoot are gearing up to release their new album Lavender this November, which sees the band finally coming into their own in terms of their desired sound and delivery. Anchored by lead vocalist Erica Sutherland’s gorgeous voice, Littlefoot are able to fit perfectly into the realm of dream-pop, while also bringing a unique sound to the mix.

Although Littlefoot started out as a solo project of Sutherland’s, her decision to move to Boston in 2014 also saw the addition of Dash Lunde (guitar), Zy Baer (bass), and Matt Liset (drums) and a quick release of the first full-band Littlefoot album, Night Of The Living Dreams, before 2014 came to a close.

Lavender finally sees Littlefoot achieving what they set out to do. On the album’s lead single “Honeymoon,” which we are happy to be exclusively premiering above, the band brings vocal melodies reminiscent to a ’60s-inspired girl group and the Beach Boys, and mutates them to give them a modern tinge, complimented perfectly by a shroud of reverb that makes the all-encompassing track very ethereal.

Interestingly, and fittingly, Sutherland attributes her love of reverb to long car rides with her mother in the 90’s listening to Enya. As a result, Sutherland’s vocal style certainly mimics that of Enya, with “Honeymoon” being the perfect encapsulation. Check it out, along with a staggering visual, above.

Lavender is out 11/17. Pre-order it here. Littlefoot is set to support LVL UP and Loone at their Cambridge date on 10/5, and will celebrate the release of Lavender with a record release show alongside Beach Toys & Nova One on 11/18.

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