All The Best Live Music In New York City This Week

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There is never a lack of things to do in New York City, and that’s especially true for music lovers. Every night of the week, there’s some buzzworthy band or big-time pop singer or up-and-coming rapper performing in one of the city’s thousand different venues, and the choices about who to check out can become daunting.

Well, to help all you residents of “the city that never sleeps” parse through the hundreds of different artists vying for your hard-earned dollars, we’ve assembled here some of the best and most intriguing concerts coming up in the New York area for the week of June 3.

Tuesday, June 4

Tammy Rae Carland

Bikini Kill @ Kings Theatre [Tickets]

After disbanding in 1997, the legendary riot grrrl group has returned, and they have a couple of New York stops this week.

Wednesday, June 5

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Bikini Kill @ Kings Theatre [Tickets]

Thursday, June 6

Antonia Barrowman

Bedouine @ Rough Trade NYC [Tickets]

If you’re not in NYC, this stop is just part of a slew of dates for Bedouine over the next few months.

Grapetooth @ The Bowery Ballroom [Tickets]

Read our interview with the Chicago synth rock duo here.

Saturday, June 8

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Frankie Cosmos @ Industry City [Tickets]

Frankie Cosmos shared a series of Haunted Items singles earlier this year, and the piano songs are contemplative and lovely.

Sunday, June 9

Shawn Brackbill

Beach House @ Brooklyn Steel [Tickets]

It’s saying a lot than when most people think modern dream pop, they think Beach House.

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