Liz Y2K Goes Full Space Brat On Her New Mixtape And Accompanying Nicopanda Fashion Editorial

10.17.16 2 years ago

The first time I ever saw Liz Y2K she stopped me in my tracks. She was rocking such a strong look in the mist of the crowded hellscape that was 2014 SXSW fashion in Austin, Texas, that I stopped her for a photo. So, it’s perfectly logical that her new mixtape Cross Your Heart is dropping in conjunction with a full-on fashion shoot.

Liz is the face of designer Nicola Formichetti’s latest editorial for his personal line and brainchild Nicopanda. The five-piece editorial collection is available exclusively at the Nicopanda site, though we’ve included a few images from it here, and every look comes straight from Nicopanda’s 2016 Fall and Winter collection. Liz rocks a number of looks that are wildly different from one another for the shoot, playing on both baby-doll elements and bratty elements that crop up in her music.

For instance, the look above is her favorite and one she dubs “Space Brat.” But Liz has always been something of a chameleon, able to combine disparate aesthetics in surprisingly workable combinations, whether that’s in fashion or in her own eclectic brand of pop music. In conjunction with the fashion piece, Liz is also dropping a brand new mixtape called Cross Your Heart, one of the first full-length collections of new material she’s released since the Just Like Me EP. The mixtape features production from Branchez, Henrik The Artist, Lido, and 813, without losing any of Liz’s own throwback pop glossiness.

Cross Your Heart has an extensive list of guest producers, but also features a guest verse from Vic Mensa, and all of these new influences help encapsulate the way Liz’s own sound is changing. We briefly chatted about what she’s been up to since I was introduced to her throwback ’90s R&B/pop style back in 2014 and how her music and career have morphed since then. Namely, she’s still working with Mad Decent, but has also been signed to Columbia Records, and begun working with Sophie of PC Music, who produced her debut single for Columbia, “When I Rule The World.” We also touched on what it’s like working as a model, why Sky Ferreira inspires her and carving your own path in the changing music industry.

To help introduce you to our readers, can you give a brief rundown of your career up until now? I know music and fashion have always both been areas you worked in, so maybe touching on your interest in both and how you combine them?
I guess you would say I’m known for my late 90’s/early 2000’s throw-back style in my music, and also in my aesthetic — the jerseys, basketball shorts, Kangol hats, etc. I still very much reference a lot of those things, but I’m moving forward and transcending in a sense. I think my style is changing because my music is also opening up into different territories. That really started when I started working with SOPHIE a bit ago.

Are you still working with Mad Decent and Diplo?
Yes! I’m still part of the Mad Decent family. I’m also signed to Columbia Records now.

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