Lizzo Reveals The Salacious Compliment Cardi B Whispered In Her Ear At The ‘Rumors’ Cover Shoot

Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s week of guest hosts continued last night with Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan, who may have gotten more than he bargained for with his boisterous guest Lizzo. Within seconds, the “Rumors” rapper turned the video interview into a flirt fest, declaring that “this is the sexiest call I’ve ever been on” and shamelessly bantering with Horan as he blushed and complimented Lizzo’s packed awards shelf.

At one point, just after Horan informed her that his fan collective has nicknamed themselves “the Horan-dogs,” Lizzo joked that Niall was giving her a “One Erection,” playing on the name of his former band. While she seemed to have great chemistry with Niall, Lizzo also revealed the raunchy come-on Cardi whispered in her ear while shooting the cover for their new single. “She whispered in my ear when we took that picture, ‘I want to lick your p*ssy,'” she shared, cracking up, before explaining the song’s scandalous Drake reference.

Lizzo certainly seemed to be having a ball, which was a far cry from some of her recent posts on social media in the wake of backlash against the song by haters. Cardi, Cardi’s husband Offset, and T.I. all came to her defense, while Facebook took action to ban some of the negative comments. However, she insisted that she has “No Tears Left To Cry,” referring to the Ariana Grande hit with an impressive vocal cover, quickly reverting back to her fun-loving self just in time to turn the former One Direction singer bright red with laughter.

Watch Lizzo’s interview with Niall Horan above.

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