Lizzo Got An Invite To Dance With The Rockets Dance Team After Twerking At A Lakers Game

Lizzo found herself at the center of attention this past weekend thanks to her dance moves: She attended a Los Angeles Lakers game, and while seated courtside and wearing a revealing outfit, she twerked along as “Juice” played over the PA speakers. She saw some backlash after that, but she has an ally in the Houston Rockets, who would love to host Lizzo in all her twerking glory.

Yesterday, the team’s Twitter account reached out to Lizzo and told her she’s welcome to bring her moves to Houston any time, writing, “@Lizzo, we like your moves! You have an open invite to come home to Houston and dance with [Houston Rockets Clutch City Dancers] on the court any time!” Lizzo, who spent her teenage years in Houston, seems up for that idea, as she responded, “I’ll be there w/ bells on my booty,” followed by an emoji of a smiley face wearing a cowboy hat. The Rockets seem like they mean business and are trying to make this happen ASAP, as they responded, “Let us know when.”

NBA halftime shows consisting of performers balancing plates on their heads while riding unicycles and dogs doing impressive tricks are great, but injecting a little bit of Lizzo into the situation certainly couldn’t hurt.

Lizzo is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.