Lizzo Gets Freaked Out In A Haunted House For ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Kanye West may be the new poster boy for religion in hip-hop, but it was Lizzo who experienced a crisis of faith on Halloween, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, and the “Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosity” haunted house. Ellen sent her show’s executive producer and Lizzo to the attraction, where they projected bravado for all of ten seconds before they were scared by a costumed monster outside the house.

As the not-so-dynamic duo traverse the house’s many, many jump-scares, the censor button gets a workout, the two scaredy cats spend most of the time gripping each other for comfort, and Lizzo’s cries of “Thank you, Jesus” are met with Andy’s indignant insistence that he’s Jewish. “You gotta say, ‘My God!'” he cracks as they get cornered by a werewolf and a ghoul. Next, they take turns going first and shielding the other as they make their way through the Cabinet of Curiosity — which may be the most misnomered attraction at Universal Studios.

The clip ends with a tuck-and-dive by Lizzo to escape, which is made all the more hilarious by the look on her face as she realizes that despite leaving the house, at least one creepy-crawly is still behind her — and that her weave is all out-of-sorts from the experience.

Ellen’s surprise for Lizzo’s fellow rapper Cardi B was far less frightening; Ellen dressed up as “Cardi E” and asked Cardi B for a twerk lesson in the studio. I’m sure that, after Lizzo surpassed Cardi’s Billboard record for longest-running No. 1 single by a solo female rapper, that’s at least one place she wouldn’t mind trading.