Watch Lizzo’s Showstopping Performance Of ‘Juice’ On ‘The Tonight Show’

Lizzo just performed her effervescent single “Juice” on Ellen last week, but the Minneapolis singer-rapper just raised the bar yet again. Lizzo made her late-night debut on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with a showstopping performance of the lead single from her upcoming album Cuz I Love You.

Even though it’s the same song, and even though she just perfected her dance moves on Ellen last week, this performance of “Juice” has completely different choreography from her Ellen show setup. Once again, Lizzo turns the tiny TV stage into a dance party, bringing four dancers and her own boundless energy. But Lizzo uses the freedom of late-night airtime to get a little more PG-13 than she did on Ellen. The singer changes some lyrics and comes after Fallon’s girl: “Hold up, Jimmy please, don’t make me have to steal your b*tch!” At the end of the song, a spotlight shines on Lizzo’s glittering outfit, turning her into a human disco ball. (She meant it when she sang “If I’m shining, everybody gonna shine.”)

At the end, the audience gives Lizzo a standing ovation, and Fallon can’t help but run onto the stage, hug the singer, and yell “That is how you do it!” The man doesn’t lie.

Watch Lizzo’s performance of “Juice” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon above.