Lizzo Covered ‘Shallow’ From ‘A Star Is Born’ And Gave A Powerhouse Vocal Performance

Over the past few months of Lizzo’s burgeoning career, she has shown the world that genre labels won’t hold her back, because she’s pretty fantastic operating in just about any of them. Her breakout single “Juice” is a jubilant and disco-inspired track, while “Tempo” is a straight up hip-hop banger featuring Missy Elliott. She’s proven herself to be adept at covers as well, as she recently flipped Miley Cyrus’ “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” into an R&B ballad. Now she has covered the instant classic A Star Is Born single “Shallow,” and instead of experimenting with styles, she kept her performance as true as possible to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s original.

Lizzo stopped by The Morning Mashup on SiriusXM Hits1, and there, she sang the song accompanied by an acoustic guitarist. The original song features a commanding vocal performance from Gaga, and it’s a hard standard to live up to. That said, Lizzo definitely gave it her all and let her voice fill the room when the song called for it. All in all, it was an entertaining rendition of the song, and further proof of how impactful the track continues to be.

Lizzo is far from the first artist to take a stab at the song: Everybody from Better Oblivion Community Center to WWE’s Elias and Finn Bálor have sung their own renditions.

Watch Lizzo perform “Shallow” above.