LL Cool J Expresses His Outrage Over George Floyd’s Death In An Emotional Rap

As the world mourns the death of George Floyd, LL Cool J is the latest musician to speak up against police brutality. In an emotional rap posted to social media, Cool J detailed his experience as a Black man in America.

Maintaining eye contact with the camera, Cool J delivered several emotional verses outlining the injustices that have sparked protests around the country:

“After Chauvin killed George Floyd, we got necks / Molotov cocktails, anarchy on the set / The rich took the loot, so now we look sh*t / Feeling like a caged tiger that’s whipped to do tricks / That’s why I started fires and yelled and threw bricks / They tried to run me over and arrest me and sh*t / Tased, pepper-sprayed, in a cage with the kid / They ran up in the statehouse with the AK’s real quick / But let a n***** try to do that white boy sh*t / Won’t be no rubber bullets ricocheting of ribs / But the white supremacists go in the cops’ faces and spit. […]

Harassed by cops, word to my ancestors’ souls / And watching that man die slow left a hole / He cried for his momma as the murder unfold / If it wasn’t for those phones, Chauvin would be at home / Feeling justified because of George’s skin tone / I’m telling those with melanin, you’re not alone / The new Malcolm, Martin, and Marcus’ are now grown / America is a graveyard full of Black men’s bones / And I ain’t gotta tell ya that Breonna Taylor got played in her own home. […]

So, yeah, you right / We should protect our second amendment rights / Because in a second a dirty cop could kick the door in at night / A truth for a truth and a life for a life / We refuse to live in hell while you’re living in paradise / Being Black in America is like rolling a pair of dice.”

Watch LL Cool J deliver his full rap above.

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