EDM Makes Lollapalooza Founder Perry Farrell “Want To Vomit”

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Lollapalooza, arguably the biggest music festival in the United States, will be celebrating its 25th year this month. Festival founder Perry Farrell is still actively involved, and he even has a stage named after him, the Perry Stage, which hosts EDM acts. There are those who are not happy about EDM being a part of Lollapalooza. Oddly enough, one of those people is Perry Farrell.

While discussing the festival, EDM and the Perry Stage came up and Farrell did not hold back on his feelings. “When they said they wanted to name a stage after me I was honored. I like the adulation. But now you say, ‘Perry, what’s going on with your area here?’ Believe me, I’ve got questions myself,” Farrell said. He did not end there, though, doubling down on his dislike for EDM. ““I hate EDM,” he admitted, “I want to vomit it out of my nostrils. I can’t stand what it did to what I love, which is house music, which was meditative, psychedelic — it took you on a journey. … I sometimes cringe at my own festival.”

Farrell contempt for the style aside, it isn’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon. As Farrell explained, “You’d have to do away with pop to escape it, and if you want to do a festival you can’t do away with pop.” So, the next time you walk by the Perry Stage at Lollapalooza, and you hear the EDM blaring, just know Perry Farrell is as annoyed as you are.

(via Consequences of Sound)

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