Lolo’s Fiery Performance On ‘The Bachelor’ Completely Stole The Show

Editorial Director, Music

The Bachelor is one of those reality shows has been on so long that the first time I earnestly watched an entire season I still lived at home with my parents. But in the last couple years, the show has begun to shake things up, and has seen a big resurgence in popularity. This season’s current Bachelor, Nick Viall, has been a contestant on a couple of other seasons, and now it’s his chance to be in the spotlight and pick from an array of women who want to be his wife. For this week’s episode, he and a contestant named Rachel went on a one-on-one New Orleans.

If you’re down in The Big Easy, going to see a live show is pretty much a no-brainer, even for someone like Viall, so he took Rachel to see Lolo, a Tennessee native, who performed two songs off last year’s In Loving Memory Of When I Gave A Shit. You can watch that clip here, and honestly, a minute and a half of hearing Lolo perform — combined with that album title, which is one of the saltiest and best I’ve seen in a while — made me completely forget about the show and piqued my interest in Lolo. Her fiery performance was a lot more tender and real than any chemistry between the two reality show contestants. She did “Shine” as well as another song off that new record, “No Time For Lonely.”

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