Lorde Covers ‘Shot For Me’ By Drake, Who Is A Great Hugger, In Toronto

During her current Melodrama world tour, Lorde has made sure to honor local legends as she passes through cities with rich musical histories: She’s busted out covers of Prince in Minnesota, Kanye West in Chicago, and now she’s added another rapper to her list with a cover of Drake’s “Shot For Me” at her show in Toronto last night.

“Great hug giver, very good hugs,” she said of Drake while introducing the song. Although I’ve never hugged Drake personally, I would have to agree with Lorde based on the warm embraces Drizzy dished out in his philanthropic “God’s Plan” video.

As for the cover of the Take Care track, Lorde eschewed the hip-hop percussion of the original in favor of keeping thing simple, as she was accompanied just by a swelling keyboard for a stirring performance of the song. At the end of the clip above, you can hear the opening notes of “Liability” before the video cuts out, and Lorde’s stripped down take on the Drake track seems like a smooth and natural transition into the most emotional song on Melodrama, which itself also has minimal instrumentation.

Watch the performance above, and read our review of Lorde’s stunning tour here.

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