Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ Performance On ‘Jools Holland’ Was Anti-Pop

Contributing Writer

Lorde made her bones as sort of an anti-pop star, twisting and subverting the conventions of mainstream music just enough to cast herself as something different while still igniting the same parts of the brain as a hook crafted by Sweden’s finest. And that drive clearly extends to her performances as well. Lorde performed her song “Green Light” on Later…With Jools Holland that claimed the pop-star spotlight for herself, but didn’t engage in the seemingly requisite theatrics.

While Lorde set herself well apart from her backing band to perform the banger from Melodrama, she didn’t use the space to insert pyrotechnics, costumes or choreography. The only visual component Lorde gave the audience was her own herky-jerky conductor dancing. And like everything the Kiwi singer has done so far, it just works. Give it a watch up top via the BBC.

Lorde’s appearance on Jools Holland was part of the show’s first-ever all-female episode. And she was joined by her fellow New Zealander Aldous Harding who performed a bug-eyed and urgent rendition of her song ‘Horizon.’ Much in the same way that Lorde showed why she’s a pop star, Harding showed why she’s steadily becoming a favorite among the folk-loving set.

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