Watch Lorde’s Golden, Ferocious ‘Perfect Places’ Performance On ‘Fallon’

Contributing Writer

Lorde went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night. And while the big news out of her Melodrama-hyping appearance might be the confirmation that her onion-ring-reviewing Instagram was very real, she also put in one hell of a performance. Lorde continued her streak of remarkably stripped back late-show songs — at least when we’re talking about one of the biggest pop stars in the world — and played the song “Perfect Places” backed by a trio and three-quarters of a bush.

As she’s proved time and time again, Lorde doesn’t need pyrotechnics and choreography to put on an absolutely arresting display. She lets her unique vocals and her knack for huge and indelible moments within songs do the work for her. And given that being an anti-pop antidote is what made her a star in the first place, it definitely works. Check it out up top.

While you’re here, take a second to check out our dissections of what makes Lorde and her latest album great. And given that Melodrama dropped this morning — capping off an endless ratcheting up of excitement that started with “Green Light” what seems like an eternity ago — why not give the whole thing a spin below?

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