Loren Gray Is Turning Her Social Media Come-Up Into Legitimate Pop Stardom

Loren Gray is only 16 years old, and coincidentally, that’s about how many millions of followers she has on Instagram. She built her massive social media audience on (which is now TikTok). Now, Gray is on her way to becoming a serious pop star.

She signed to Virgin Records about a year ago, and since then, she’s been hard at work establishing herself as a legitimate musical force. For instance, she’s been collaborating with songwriting and production team Captain Cuts, who have worked with big-timers like Walk The Moon, Halsey, and The Chainsmokers. Gray says she wants her music to lead by example: “I want my own music to empower me, then that’s something I can share with other people and hopefully make them feel the same way.”

Throughout this process, Gray has had the full support of her family. Her mother moved to California with her to help manage her life, while her father remains in Pennsylvania. He says, though, that it’s an easy sacrifice for him to make, to “make sure she got to have everything she ever wanted and have the possibility of making all those dreams come true.”

Watch the video above to see Gray getting some studio time in, talking about her family, and otherwise going through the process of becoming the best pop star she can be.