Lost In To ‘Baby, I Lobe You,’ The World’s Most Sensual Autocorrect Love Song

Think how different the world would be if texting had been around in the 1960s, and Motown founder/songwriter Berry Gordy, Jr. sent out sloppy, rushed messages to his acts. The Contours’ “Do You Love Me?” could have been “Do Moo Lome Me?” and “I’ll Be Satisfied,” “I’ll Be Rat’s Field.” That would have been a surefire hit.

But alas, they actually communicated in person back then (*shudder*), so the unintentional hilarity of “Actions Speak Louder Than Turds” was not to be. The folks behind Above Average have made a love song for our impersonal times, though, called “I Lobe You,” with all autocorrected lyrics. “I’m the one for you. Why can’t you pee?” is the text all young girls dream of receiving one day.

(Via Clip Nation)