Lostprophets’ Ian Watkins Laughed Off His Pedophilia Charges, Calling Them ‘Mega Lolz’

12.18.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

So, in case you couldn’t tell by his d-bag tattoos and jean vest, Ian Watkins is basically the worst person imaginable. The former Lostprophets frontman turned convicted pedophile is (hopefully) going to jail for a very, very long time for literally trying to rape a baby, among other charges, but don’t worry, it’s all mega lolz. The whole thing: “mega lolz.”

The paedophile rock star Ian Watkins spoke to a female fan from prison the day after admitting two counts of attempted baby rape and said he was going to issue a statement when he was sentenced saying it had all been “mega lolz”.

Christopher Clee QC, prosecuting, told the judge that Watkins had a conversation from Park Prison with a woman named Samantha on 27 November. Watkins denied being a paedophile and expressed exasperation at the way people had reacted to his guilty pleas. He said: “I’m going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz. I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about.” (Via)

Watkins going to prison isn’t severe enough. The judge should add something else to his sentence to make this trash of human garbage realize the severity of what he did, like make Watkins listen to his own music.

(Via the Guardian, banner via Getty Image)

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