Premiere: The Love-Birds’ ‘Kiss And Tell’ Is Raw And Honest Jangle Pop

Ava Rosen

The last several years have seen the narrative surround San Francisco that its artists have rapidly been priced out of the city, often seeking warmer temperature and cheaper rent in cities across the bay or down south. But then a band like The Love-Birds emerges and reminds you of everything about the city’s rock history that is so great. The jangle of the guitars could be traced back to the ’60s and the famed Summer Of Love, while there’s something about the vocals that evoke Conor Oberst or others who flock yearly to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass. It’s all songwriting-forward, the latest representative from a city that has never shied away from an open-hearted melody.

With their debut album due on May 25, titled In The Lover’s Corner, the Bay Area four-piece share the advance single “Kiss And Tell.” There’s something delightfully unpolished about the presentation, with the raw delivery evoking the works of Chilton and Westerberg without feeling deliberately like a retread. Sometimes the freshest sounding music is just something that comes from an honest place, and that’s what works so well to The Love-Birds’ advantage. They are giving their spin on the music they love, and in turn, it becomes music to love for a whole new audience.

Check out The Love-Birds’ “Kiss And Tell” above, and look for In The Lover’s Corner out on May 25 via Trouble In Mind Records. Preorder it here.