LP’s Powerful Music Gives Fans License To Be Exactly Who They Are

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LP still cannot believe how large the crowds have gotten since “Lost On You” went No. 1 in 17 countries in 2016, but in the meantime, she feels pressured to do her growing fanbase right. She also admits that touring for months can feel a bit lonely at times. Fortunately, each time LP takes the stage, the rush of the crowd helps her remember why people are showing up at all.

Though she used to command attention for about 500-person audiences, with the towering success of “Lost On You,” she’s won over festival crowds who love her gigantic hit single and volcanic voice. Now in the midst of her biggest American tour yet, LP’s goal is to connect with every person there, no matter how many show up.

When LP sings, she reminds herself to reconnect with the emotions that fueled each disarmingly intimate track. In response, fans call out her name and show up before doors open at venues, they get her album titles tattooed on their sleeve; they appreciate how devoted LP is to baring her heart each time she performs — and how her music grants them license to come exactly as they are.

Above, LP goes behind-the-scenes of her American tour to explain how such treks mark the beginning of a beautiful relationship. “I’m really jazzed by the fans,” she says. “That’s all I really care about: the fans that I have, and the fans I will have.” Watch the clip above.

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