Lykke Li’s Latest Pair Of Sad And Sexy Songs Includes A Collaboration With Amine

It’s just a little less than two weeks before pop singer Lykke Li releases her fourth career full-length, and now Li has offered up exactly half of the album in advance. Previous samplings included the initial one-two punch of “Deep End” and “Hard Rain,” while Mother’s Day brought Lykke’s contemplation of her own experience with motherhood on “Utopia.” Today, she gave two more tastes of the music she’s been making.

Lykke’s new record dives head first into hip-hop production, and on “Two Nights,” she gives us an idea of what it would sound like if she completely committed to making a hip-hop record. Rising rapper Amine shows up to give her a verse, while Lykke sings about fearing her lover is cheating on her and staying up late while the song’s object leaves her alone for a pair of nights in a row. You can listen to that song above.

On “Sex Money Feelings Die,” Lykke is particularly brief in showcasing phrasing and cadences that put her close to contemporary R&B. It all adds up to a turn that finds her communing with contemporary popular music more than ever before. Where Lykke Li has long operated on her own plain, she sounds great when coming back down to earth.

Check out “Sex Money Feelings Die” below. So Sad So Sexy is out on June 8.