Mac DeMarco Technically Covers Radiohead, But He Doesn’t Sing Or Play Guitar

In his day, Mac DeMarco has covered a ’90s alternative rock song or two: A quick YouTube search yields videos of him performing Coldplay’s “Yellow,” Weezer’s “Undone (The Sweater Song),” and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” He was down in Chile recently for that edition of Lollapalooza, and while there, he decided to bust out another cover: “High And Dry,” a Radiohead classic. Unless you’re a fan of DeMarco’s work behind a drumset, though, you may be disappointed: He covered the song, but he switched places with drummer Joe McMurray for the performance.

That’s not a slight on McMurray, who turned in a perfectly capable vocal performance, but those hoping to hear how DeMarco’s chilled out vocals and his airy falsetto would sound on the track were left, well, high and dry. It seems like this type of performance is a pretty common occurrence nowadays: I searched YouTube hoping to find a DeMarco covering the song as the frontman, but only found another clip of McMurray handling vocals in a fan-shot video from a few weeks ago. There may not be a “legit” Mac DeMarco “High And Dry” cover out there, but it’s also neat to see DeMarco drumming for a change.

Watch Mac Demarco(‘s band) perform “High And Dry” above, and check out the whole set below.