Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Put Their Love On Display In The New Video For ‘My Favorite Part’

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have managed to corner the cute market with their relationship. In the new video for The Divine Feminine track “My Favorite Part,” the two lovebirds are portrayed as two next door neighbors with intense crushes on one another but have yet to reveal their truest feelings. The romantic clip shows the two of them, each alone in their respective domains, daydreaming about the other with only a thin wall separating them. Seeing and listening to Mac sing brings the song together. No, he doesn’t possess the most polished vocals, yet his slightly strained approach gives song and the project as a whole its best characteristics: yearning. We’re talking the urge to touch and feel a woman, to love her and to have her understand how deeply you care for her.

In the clip, maybe as it was in reality, the two coo about one another so strongly that it causes a rainstorm outside that eventually transfers inside. If we’re taking water as a metaphor here, these two are deep in their feelings for one another, in music and outside of it. The video comes to a close with Miller finally getting the courage to step to his neighbor, but, before he’s able to knock on her wall, she pulls him to what is technically the end of the scene. Really though, let’s hope these two stick together long enough to make more music along with parts two, three, four and more to visuals like this.