Mac Miller Fans Are Gathering At Blue Slide Park On The Anniversary Of His Death

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Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller passed away on September 7, 2018, and a year later, he remains close to his fans’ hearts. According to The Mac Miller Memoir on Twitter and as reported by Complex, a group of Miller’s fans are planning a gathering in Pittsburgh’s Blue Slide Park to celebrate the rapper’s life.

The gathering will apparently take place September 7, exactly one year after the rapper’s death. According to the tweet, the event begins at noon and will continue all day.

“We will have music & videos being played,” the tweet reads. “This is a time to share the amazing memories of an amazing person.”

Apart from just being a Pittsburgh landmark, Blue Slide Park also has special meaning for Miller’s fans. The rapper titled his debut album Blue Slide Park after the section of Pittsburgh’s Frick Park. Fans held vigils and other gatherings in the park following the rapper’s death.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Blue Slide Park may one day hold an official memorial for Miller. The city is looking to establish a mural or “some kind of marker in Blue Slide Park” to honor the rapper and celebrate his legacy as a Pittsburgh icon.

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