Macklemore And His Fiancee Announced Their Pregnancy With This Heartwarming Video

On Saturday, the rapper (born Ben Haggerty) tweeted “We wanted to share the news with you ourselves…Love Ben & Tricia.” The post included a video of Macklemore and his road manager/fiancee, Tricia Davis, at an appointment for a regular and 3D sonogram and fetal heart rate check, set to “17” by Youth Lagoon.

This will be the couple’s first child. They’ve been together seven years. Shortly after sharing the video, Macklemore most likely texted Kendrick Lamar telling him he should have a baby and was robbed. Probably. Purely speculation.

I know it’s cheesy, but I cried. In fairness, I’m pregnant too and this morning alone I’ve cried at a UNICEF commercial, a Law & Order: SVU episode and the beauty of the falling snow. I may not be a fair judge of this kind of thing.

Congratulations to Macklemore and Tricia. Have fun popping tags at Carters.