Check Out This Super Impressive Halloween Light Show Set To A Macklemore Song

Elaborate Christmas light shows set to music have been around for some time, and find a great deal of popularity on the ol’ internets now and again. However, that longstanding trope has now found itself moved to Halloween, because, even though Halloween is not as light-based as Christmas, there are some people who just can’t pass up an opportunity to amaze/annoy their neighbors. One man in Leesburg, Va., Brandon Bullis, seems to be staking claim to being the king of Halloween light shows, as the current display on his house would indicate.

Bullis’ light show is set to the tune of “Downtown” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Wait, don’t hold that against him! It’s still pretty impressive, nonetheless. The show is made up of 8,500 “energy-efficient LED” light bulbs. There are light-up tombstones and, most notably, scary Halloween faces lipsyncing the words, which really takes things to the next level.

There is no music played at the actual house, though, so there shall be no noise complaints here. “Viewers tune in their car’s FM radio to ‘hear the lights,’” Bullis explains. This isn’t the first time he’s done this. In 2013, he made a display set to that “What Does The Fox Say?” song by Norwegian band Ylvis. The year before, his video was set to “Gangnam Style.” So while it would be nice if Bullis got a little better taste in music, his light choreography is impeccable.

(Via TIME)