A High School Saved Kids From Their Own Bad Taste By Cancelling A Macklemore Performance

Make note: Teachers and parents of Aliso Niguel High School really want their kids to Mackle less. The California high school won a contest that awarded the winning school with a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis concert, but it was cancelled due to complaints about the group from parents.

The reasoning the parents gave is that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis “promote misogyny and drug use,” which is a strange charge. Unless you count associating with the artist behind one of the grossest songs this century, that’s hard to square with Macklemore’s music. (I don’t fall on the “he doesn’t rap about what all those other rappers rap about” side either. After all, his biggest hit starts with the lines “Walk into the club like ‘What up? I got a big c*ck.'” I’m just saying that “glorifies drug use” is not really a valid reason to cancel this performance).

The kids have started a Change.org petition to change the school’s mind, which would work if anyone over the age of 35 knew what a Change.org is. They’ve also taken to social media with the hashtag #bringbackmack.


To be honest, I’m Team Kids. Kids are supposed to have terrible taste. If you don’t let them get all pumped up about a Macklemore concert now, how can they be embarrassed by the fact that they got hyped for a Macklemore show in the future? Also, the performance comes with a $10,000 grant for the school’s music program, and it’s straight foolish to squander that.

(Via Noisey)