Macklemore Gives His Absurdist Sense Of Humor Free Rein In The Surreal ‘How To Play The Flute’ Video

Macklemore’s last album Gemini may be nearly a year old at this point, but that’s not stopping the Seattle rapper from keeping the promotional plan moving right along as he drops the oddest of his videos to date in the King Draino-featuring “How To Play The Flute.”

Mack has a penchant for throwing a ton of screwball surreality into his music videos, but “How To Play The Flute” may take the cake for his weirdest one yet. Stuffed full of absurdist imagery and casting Macklemore alternately as an awkward school principal, some sort of post-apocalyptic matador, notably super chill painter Bob Ross, and Zeus, Greek god of thunder, the Jake Magraw-directed spectacle glosses over the goofy come-ons of the song’s lyrics in favor of tossing as many unexpected and hilarious tableaus on the screen as the four-minute runtime will allow. The video even references popular internet memes like the Cybergoth Dance Remix meme and Blocboy JB’s popular “Shoot” dance. Song guest King Draino gets to be a stage magician and hang out with some reptiles too, which only adds to the weirdness.

“How To Play The Flute” isn’t the only video that takes advantage of Macklemore’s goofy sense of humor. He took his grandmother egging houses in “Glorious,” and replaced himself and Lil Yachty with child doppelgängers on a mission to steal a football jersey in “Marmalade,” while his video for “Corner Store” found him playing a number of comedic characters. Here’s hoping the well of singles from Gemini never goes dry.

Gemini is out now via Bendo LLC. Get it here.