Macklemore And Kesha Get Campfire Cozy In The Reassuringly Nostalgic ‘Good Old Days’ Video

Macklemore reminisces on better times in the retro-themed video for his latest single, “Good Old Days,” featuring Kesha. The pair get cozy at a campfire and shoot home movies on an old-school Super-8 camera during an idyllic camping trip to the woods with a bunch of their friends.

Both artists have been on the comeback trail of late, and both are putting out some of their most inspired and honest music of their careers. Macklemore, preparing to release the less serious-minded Gemini, has created a number of tracks that are great for just cruising around and having a ball, like “Glorious” with Skylar Grey, and “Marmalade” with Lil Yachty. His focus is clearly on living his best life; in all three videos, instead of making the sort of heartfelt, socially-conscious statements that he’s been known for in the past, Mack (and his pint-sized surrogate in the “Marmalade” clip) simply goes out to have fun on his own terms.

Kesha has been no stranger to controversy herself; her new album Rainbow shamelessly addresses both her trauma and recovery, as well as her newfound sense of peace with records like “Praying” and “Woman.”

The pairing isn’t quite a match made in heaven, if for no other reason than both artists have been through so much hell. But “Good Old Days” isn’t just nostalgia; it’s a reassuring reminder that there’s always a better time to look forward to as well.