Watch This Band Turn Macklemore’s ‘Downtown’ Into A Bluegrass Banger

We know what you’re thinking: “Why would I want to watch a bluegrass cover of Macklemore‘s latest single?” Well, for one, it’s actually great.

Performed by Laura Bell Bundy (LBB) & The Fancies, the “Downtown” cover not only puts an interesting take on the track (there’s banjos, fiddles and much more), but parodies the music video as well. There are mopeds (and motorized scooters), dance battles (and shootouts to add to the bluegrass theme), as well as a downtown area where the band and some friends dance throughout the streets. Sure, it’s not as epic as the actual music video for “Downtown,” but there are some great moments such as:

  • Someone eating mayonnaise from a jar.
  • Hearing Laura Bell Bundy say she’s about to catch a body while riding a scooter.
  • The fake moose head that’s on the scooter Bundy is riding.
  • Bundy rapping “There’s layers to this sh*t player, Tiramisu,” while pointing at a literal pile of sh*t.

Here’s to hoping Macklemore enlists LBB and The Fancies as his backing band for future tours (he’s seen the cover and seems to have enjoyed it).