Madonna Is Supposedly Attending The BET Awards Even After They Shaded Her Prince Tribute

Tonight’s BET Awards are expected to clock in at nearly four hours long, which is insane for an awards show not named The Academy Awards. However, the running time might be so extensive due to the fact that Madonna will reportedly be in attendance for the big night. For those who recall, BET threw some serious shade at Madge after the singer’s Prince tribute at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards with fellow icon Stevie Wonder. Madonna responded to the tweet and commercial, but chances are most fans watching tonight will only remember her being called out by an entire network.

There is a chance that BET’s tribute won’t live up to Prince’s memory either (because really what would?) but regardless of the outcome Madonna will be in the audience to see it all go down. Supposedly, she will be at the show to present an award. It probably won’t be for the new category “celebrity most ruthlessly shaded by this awards show” but one never knows.

The evidence of Madonna’s attendance comes from an audience planner at BET who posted an Instagram during a pre-show walkthrough. So while this could be a spoof to rally interest before things kick off, it’s more likely that Madonna understands that attending is a good show of being in on the joke and can have a little fun with it. Or, she will try to make up for her Billboard mishap and join in on this tribute, which will kick off the outrage cycle all over again. Tune in to the show at 8pm ET/5pm PT to see how it all plays out.