Madonna On Her Onstage ‘Meltdown’: ‘I Could Never Do Any Of My Shows High Or Drunk’

Madonna has responded to criticisms of her recent Rebel Heart tour stops in Australia. After fans responded negatively to her free cabaret-style show in Melbourne, a subsequent performance that seemed off led to rumors swirling that the pop diva was “having a meltdown” or abusing substances. Madge responded on Instagram to say that it’s all a part of the act and that sexism is largely to blame for audiences not giving her the benefit of the doubt when she’s performing.

“Thanks for supporting me. Too bad people don’t know the art of acting and playing a character,” she wrote on Instagram, underneath a screenshot of a fan’s defense of Madonna. “I could never do any of my shows high or drunk. And yes underlying all of this is sexism and misogyny which proves that not only do we not get equal pay bUt we are still treated like heretics if we step out of line and think outside the box! . Sexism is alive and kicking but i am #livingforlove”

This isn’t the first time that Madonna has had an odd performance on her Rebel Heart tour. She played an odd acoustic rendition of “Holiday” to close out her set in Glasgow after the venue pulled the plug on her and turned on the house lights.

(Via Billboard)