Watch Madonna Keep Playing In Glasgow After The Building Pulled The Plug On Her

In case you needed a reminder that Madge is punk as f*ck, check out this video of Madonna carrying on with her show in Glasgow’s SSE Hydro Arena after the lights and speakers cut out.

Madonna started late and rather than break curfew, the venue pulled the plug on the the final song of her set, the 1983 hit “Holiday.” Rather than taking the massive hint from the arena staff, Madonna continued the song as an acoustic number, aided by a massive audience singalong.

Though they were game for the sing-a-long, several fans expressed their displeasure on SSE Hydro Arena’s Facebook page.

A selection of reactions:

“Embarrassing that SSE Hydro cut lights and sound for Madonna’s last song. She is Madonna, of course her set will run late. Do we not want global superstars in Glasgow???”

“Brilliant show but you ruined it by turning the lights on and sound off for the encore. Madonna still performed ‘Holiday’ with the audience on backing vocals. What were you doing!!! You made yourself look idiots.”

“Yes you have a curfew, we get it. But you’ve just been given the proverbial finger by 12,000 performing backing vocals for Madonna.”

And Madonna herself didn’t mince words about the incident.

(Via SPIN)