Blushing Flower Madonna Spanked Anderson Cooper And Gave Him A Special Gift

In mid September, Madonna kept her randy reputation alive by pulling a game Amy Schumer onstage. The two ladies enjoyed a combination spanking-twerking session during a Rebel Heart tour stop at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Madge stayed close to home and hopped onstage Sunday evening in Brooklyn. This time, her special guest of honor was CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

The spanking routine appears to be tied to one particular song, “Unapologetic B*tch,” which features Madge spanking a celebrity guest while her backup dancers watch in mock horror. This time, Madonna added stage humping to her repertoire. She dove between The Coop’s legs to do the deed, and he watched with a bemused expression. Then came the spanking, which proves that Madonna’s not only into younger men. She likes silver foxes too, and who could resist Anderson Cooper?

After the humiliation ended, Madge announced, “I don’t think you need an introduction. Ladies and gentlemen, a big round of applause for Anderson Cooper.” As Coop blushed away, Madge tenderly mocked his dancing skills as emblematic of “the low-key CNN style, right?” And then she whipped out a banana and told Coop, “I’m sure you can figure out what to do with it.”