Katy Perry Is The Latest Lucky Person To Get Spanked On Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna’s reign of ass-smacking terror continues on. The pop icon’s hankering for some celebrity spankerin’ led the Material Girl to engage in some hand-to-butt contact on Katy Perry’s rump at The Forum in Inglewood.

Like Amy Schumer, Anderson Cooper and missing person Nelly Furtado before her, Katy Perry was pulled up onstage to claim the title of “Unapologetic B*tch” of the evening at the Rebel Heart tour stop. The winner of this prize traditionally receives a banana cuz Madge loves dong gags, but this go-’round featured the pair sipping from a banana flask. What a glamourous and potassium rich way to spend the evening!

“I love you mom!” exclaimed Katy during their hangout which seems to confirm everything you either like or hate about the candy-obsessed pop singer.

Madonna’s guest wasn’t just onstage for the prestigious title, mind you. Katy got a friendly spanking, encountered tasteful humping and got to booze it up a lil’ with the star of Swept Away. Did it end with a weird handshake thing and Katy Perry being lowered into a mysterious backstage area? You bet your boots it did!

As you might imagine, the whole affair’s been immortalized on Instagram as well as YouTube. Here are some choice chunklets that Katy cheerfully reposted.