Madonna Made Her Stand-Up Debut On ‘The Tonight Show’ Last Night, And It Wasn’t Terrible

04.10.15 3 years ago 8 Comments

Madonna has spent the last 30 years dropping jaws with her provocative nature and her prodigious musical talent, but who knew that she really wanted to be a stand-up comic all this time? While taking over the The Tonight Show last night, Madonna was allowed to indulge her long-held fantasy of performing stand-up comedy, and it was definitely enough to make her children blush.

While performing her “set,” the “Holiday” singer mostly riffed on how she hits up her son’s friends for dates. Most kids would probably be mortified at the idea, but Madonna’s family is probably grounded enough that this rates as a two on their adjusted scale. Amazingly, decades of performing sold out shows all over the world while being the center of attention didn’t stop the Material Girl from seeming a little nervous behind the mic, so it’s clear that Madonna won’t overtake Louis C.K. or Amy Schumer just yet, but it’s still pretty good for a first try.

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