Maggie Rogers Brings The Fiery Energy Of ‘Burning’ To A Stunning Late Night Performance

Maggie RogersHeard It In A Past Life was released last Friday to critical acclaim, and the young singer brought one of the album’s best songs, “Burning,” to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to celebrate. “Burning” crackles with energy and passion as Rogers describes a love that sets her aglow.

If you’ve seen Maggie Rogers live, her dancing should look familiar. Rogers spins around the stage, her hair flying as as she expresses the fiery, cathartic passion of the song. In a dark room with a couple thousand strangers, the insistent drums and Rogers’ energy are life-giving, and Rogers even manages to make the camera-crowded Late Show performance as energetic. (This performance marks the television debut of “Burning.”)

The Late Show‘s stage is small, and Rogers fills it with a full band, also featuring Late Show musical director Jon Batiste). But despite the busy stage, Rogers gets completely lost in the music. She’s a young artist at the top of her game, and witnessing her passion and raw talent is amazing.

Heard It In A Past Life is out now via Capitol Records. Get it here, and check out Maggie Rogers’ performance of “Burning” on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert above.