Maggie Rogers Wanted A Mash-Up Of Jonas Brothers’ ‘Burnin’ Up’ And Her Own ‘Burning,’ So She Made One

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Like a lot of people, Maggie Rogers has been on a Jonas Brothers kick lately.

Yesterday afternoon, she tweeted, “‘cant wait to jam this @jonasbrothers song post-conference call.’ text i just sent. accurate portrayal of my life.” That piqued Nick Jonas’ interest, as he asked, “Which song? I’m dying to know.” For the record, it was “Trust.”

Not long after that exchange, Rogers still had the JoBros on the brain, as she so badly wanted to hear a mash-up of their classic tune “Burnin’ Up” and her own “Burning,” writing, “side note – can someone make a ‘burning up’ // ‘burning’ mash up??? pls thank u i appreciate u + i appreciate @jonasbrothers.” Rogers wasn’t content to wait for that to just happen, so she got to work and made it herself, writing, “literally working on it on ableton rn.”

Sure enough, she posted snippets of her creation on her Instagram story. She shared the news with her Twitter followers this morning, writing in a pair of tweets, “i made a @jonasbrothers burning remix last night and it’s on my IG story. don’t tell me i never gave u ‘content.'”

She later shared a one-minute sample of the track:

There’s no word yet on whether a full version of this passion-fueled mash-up will be shared, but what has been confirmed is that Rogers is a big-time JoBros stan.