Maggie Rogers Used The Release Of ‘Split Stones’ To Revolutionize The Premiere Process

09.22.17 2 years ago

What’s the answer whenever you get cold? Layers, of course. Since layers were already the key to Maggie Rogers incredible breakout — her glitchy synthpop is a mesh of her longtime folk background and a sudden love affair with EDM — it only made sense for her to conceive of a way to share one of her new songs in a way that peeled back all those disparate elements for the listener.

For Rogers, the cold has always been a part of her aesthetic, and given her first massive single was called “Alaska,” it made sense that she’d work with a company like North Face, who, apart from designing chic and durable jackets for all sorts of weather, also seek out creators and cultural leaders to support whenever they can. In the process, they helped Rogers premiere a song that is going to be her last for a moment, but also helped tweak the way premiere culture has morphed in the industry.

The whole angle for North Face has to do with heat, not cold. Their new Ventrix jacket is designed to be flexible for the user’s environment, keeping heat in when the body is cold, and letting it out when the body is warm, therefore avoiding both sweat and overheating. This is achieved by vents in the jacket, hence the name. There’s a jacket and a hooded version of the jacket, and yes, Maggie does look good wearing it. She chose the jacket version, which was a great call in my opinion.

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