Manchester Orchestra Share A Dynamic Live Performance Video Of The Anthemic ‘The Gold’

Now that Manchester Orchestra have had the chance to take their new album, A Black Mile To The Surface, out on the road, the songs have taken on a new life on stage. “The Gold” is an album highlight they’re performed on TV a couple times, and now the band has shared a live video — filmed at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco — to show what the anthemic song is like in a true concert setting.

The band’s Andy Hull also spoke with Billboard about the record, and said all the descriptions of it being “cinematic” are a direct result of having previously worked on the score for the movie Swiss Army Man:

“Working on this soundtrack and the actual score of the movie, we were taking all these tiny scenes and trying to turn them into 40 minutes of listenable music, like it would be a record. When the time came to start plotting this album out and the songs started coming, we realized we wanted to make an ‘album in between the album’ and have all the songs as this connected, full listening experience.”

Just because Manchester Orchestra released a new album only months ago doesn’t mean that Hull is taking a break. He says he worked on an upcoming cover with Julien Baker, and that he’s “70 percent done” a new album from Bad Books, his side project with Kevin Devine whose most recent album, the excellent II, was released in 2012.

Watch the “The Gold” video above, and revisit the Celebration Rock podcast episode with Hull as the guest, here.