Mandy Moore And Ryan Adams Are Getting Divorced After Five Years Of Marriage

After five years of marriage, Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams, the couple that made so many wonder, “wait, really? Those two?” have decided to split:

“Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams have mutually decided to end their marriage,” her rep says in a statement. “It is a respectful, amicable parting of ways and both Mandy and Ryan are asking for media to respect their privacy at this time.”

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The best 5 years….

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The couple was notoriously private about their marriage. Last fall, Adams hung up on a radio station who asked about his wife. But, if you listen to Adams’s latest album, this isn’t totally shocking. Here are some of the lyrics:

Am I safe? Am I safe?
Am I safe? If I don’t wanna be with you
Am I safe? Am I safe?
Am I safe? If I don’t wanna be with you

On my way back on my sea of part over
Close my eyes
What if there was nothing
It’s complicated
I just don’t love you anymore
I just wanna sit here and watch it burn
Sit and watch it burn

Art is art and all, but I’m pretty sure any of us in Moore’s seat would hear that song and wonder, “What the sh*t, bro? Is that about me?”

The two broke up back in 2008, with Adams releasing a statement saying he loved Moore but didn’t love the paparazzi and needed to be free to “remain punk as f*ck and sober,” but they reunited quickly when he posted an “I’m sorry” list on his website:

Top 10 Ways to be a Gentlemen

1. shut up and listen to her
2. stand by her, don’t run
3. say you are sorry while you have the chance
4. hold her hand, be thankful for her, ignore the cameras, and lose yourself in the girl not the game
5. repeat

don’t be a fool, stand by your girl

I miss you bug

We wish them both the best, especially Moore that she might find someone whose love’s as sweet as candy / She’ll be forever yours / Love always, Mandy.

To sort of fit the mood, here’s Adams performance of “Gimme Something Good” from last night’s Late Late Show:

Source: People