Marco Rubio Quoted Jay-Z, ‘Modern-Day Poet’ Wiz Khalifa During Rand Paul’s 12-Hour Filibuster

03.07.13 5 years ago 2 Comments

Grab the nearest bottle of water — you’re going to need it for an epic spit-take. During the 12th hour of Rand Paul’s half-day filibuster of CIA nominee John Brennan last night, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio came on the floor and started quoting Jay-Z, Wiz Khalifa, and The Godfather. Man, rough week for Kanye.

Rubio read a famous line given by Al Pacino’s character in The Godfather: “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family ever again.” [He] also alluded to the rapper he called a “modern-day poet” Wiz Khalifa, as well as Jay-Z’s “A Week Ago” [“It’s funny what seven days can change/It was all good just a week ago”] to draw up a hypothetical situation. (Via)

It turns out this isn’t a new-found obsession with hip-hop for Rubio; Tupac’s “Killuminati” is one of his favorite songs, and his playlist is filled with tracks from Kanye, the Sugarhill Gang, and Flo Rida. He also enjoys Pit Bull, just in case you felt weird liking a Republican senator from Floria for a minute.

(Via Business Insider)

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