Maren Morris’ Devastating ‘I Could Use A Love Song’ Is An Up-Close Portrait Of A Failing Relationship

Maren Morris’ breakout album Hero didn’t need to be as critically lauded as it was to prove she was something special. It’s all there between the grooves. Morris makes the case for herself and for pop-country over the course of the album, showing the range that both are capable of. Hero swerves from crazy-fun tracks like “Rich” and “’80s Mercedes” to well-done hometown anthems like “My Church” and with a stop-off in the emotionally devastating “I Could Use A Love Song.” The latter just received a music video that matches the raw, breakup-inspired anthem with an unfiltered look at a crumbling relationship.

In the video, a woman’s dreams of being a dancer chip away at an unhealthy relationship, with her partner becoming more and more angry and emotionally abusive as the song goes on. The closer she gets to taking the leap and moving to a city where she can pursue her dreams, the worse their relationship becomes. While the video ends with what seems like a move in the direction that the woman wants, whether or not she’s successful or if either of the characters end up happy is left up in the air, echoing the messiness of the song’s true-to-life content.

Check out the video up top. and revisit her Grammys performance of “Once” alongside Alicia Keys.